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Meet South African Families That Have Always Made Forbes’ Annual List Of The Richest

With more than 50 columnists working in 13 countries, Forbes releases a yearly rundown showing the world’s wealthiest individuals.

How is the rich rundown figured and incorporated? To appraise the extremely rich person’s total assets, their benefits, incorporating stakes out in the open and privately owned businesses, land, yachts, craftsmanship and money are esteemed, and represented obligation.

Johann Rupert & Family

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Net Worth: $6.6 Billion (2013)
$5.1 Billion (2012)
$4.8 Billion (2011

Source of Wealth: Luxury Goods, inherited

Residence: Stellenbosch

Johann Rupert is the chairman of the luxury goods company Richemont, and also the non-executive chairman of VenFin and Remgro. In December 2009, Dr Rupert was appointed the fourteenth Chancellor of the Stellenbosch University.

Dr Johann Rupert holds a Doctorate in Economics.

Nicky Oppenheimer & Family

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Net Worth: $6.5 Billion (2013)
$6.8 Billion (2012)
$7 Billion (2011)

Forbes position: 182 (2013)
#139 (2012)
#136 (2011)

South African position: #2 (2013)
#1 (2012)
#1 (2011)

Source of Wealth: Diamonds (De Beers), Inherited

Residence: Johannesburg

Nicky Oppenheimer is the Chairman of De Beers Consolidated Mines, and also has a large financial interest in Anglo American.

Nicky Oppenheimer holds an honorary Doctorate of Technology, a Degree in Politics, Philosophy and Economics, a Master of Arts, and a Bachelor of Arts from Oxford University.

Christoffel Wiese

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Net Worth: $3.5 Billion (2013)
$3.1 Billion (2012)
$1.6 Billion (2011)

Forbes Position: #384 (2013)
#367 (2012)
#782 (2011)

Source of Wealth: Consumer Retail, Self-made

Residence: Unknown

Dr Christoffel (Christo) Wiese joined Pep Stores as the executive director in 1967, and left seven years later to practice law at the Cape Bar. Rejoining Pepkor in 1981, dr Wiese was appointed the executive chairman.

Christoffel Wiese is also a director of the Monex Group of companies, Metropolitan Life, Lenco Holdings, and is an external director of Sasol. He is currently the chairman of Shoprite Holdings, Tradehold LTD, Invicta Holding, and Tulca (trading as Mango), and the non-executive director of KWV Holdings and the PSG Group.

Dr Wiese holds a Honorary Doctor of Commerce, a LLB, Bachelor of Law, and a Bachelors of Arts.

Patrice Motsepe

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Net Worth: $2.9 Billion (2013)
$2.7 Billion (2012)
$3.3 Billion (2011)

Forbes position: #490 (2013)
#442 (2012)
#336 (2011)

South African Position: #4 (2013)
#4 (2012)
#3 (2011)

Source of Wealth: Mining, Self-made

Residence: Johannesburg

Patrice Motsepe is the non-executive Chairman of African Rainbow Minerals (ARM), and also the non-executive chairman of Harmony Gold Mining LTD. He is also the chairman of Naledi Mining in Orkney, and Future Mining. He currently owns and is the president of Mamelodi Sundows Football Club. Patrice Motsepe holds a Bachelor of Law, and a Bachelor of Arts.

Desmond Sacco

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Net Worth: $1.5 (2013)

Forbes position: #974 (2013)

South African Position: #5 (2013)

Source of Wealth: Mining

Residence: Johannesburg

Desmond Sacco joins the ranks of the world’s billionaires for the first time in 2013. Desmond, a geologist, joined the Assore Group in 1968, was appointed to the group’s board in 1974 and, upon Guido’s retirement in 1992, became chairman and managing director. Desmond Sacco holds a Bachelor of Arts / Science

Stephen Saad

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Net Worth: $1 Billion (2013)

Forbes position: #1342 (2013)

South African Position: #6 (2013)

Source of Wealth: Pharmaceuticals, Self-made

Residence: Johannesburg

Stephen Saad, who is new to the Forbes Billionaires list in 2013, co-founded Aspen Pharmacare in 1997 and proceeded to turn it into the largest publicly-traded drug manufacturer on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange.   Stephen Saad holds a Bachelor of Arts / Science


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