Meet Musa Mseleku, The Young Man With Four Wives And Ten Children

Musa Mseleku is A South African businessman While many of us are still searching, Musa is preoccupied with four wives and so far, has ten children.

In showcasing how proud he is of his polygamous family, he started a reality show about his life titled, “Uthando Nes’thembu sees Mseleku’s”.

The whole idea of the reality show is to advise men who wish to have polygamous families, on how to manage it when they find themselves in that situation.

In his words, he said;

The reason we wanted a reality show was to educate the public about polygamy and, more importantly, to contribute positively in the fight against women and child abuse.

Just two weeks after airing on South Africa’s Mzansi Magic, the show has garnered more than 675 098 viewers, becoming one of South Africa’s most-watched programs.

Overwhelmed by the numbers, Musa stated;

We’ve made a huge sacrifice to publicly display our life, but it’s worth our while because it will have a positive impact in terms of preventing the hatred and suffering of women and children.

The love we’ve received is overwhelming. We’re humbled, honoured and deeply touched by the love we’ve received from South Africa.

Most men get it wrong when they personalise polygamy and subject it to the shortcomings of the woman. Obviously no woman wants to feel like you’re taking another wife because of their flaws.

Musa Mseleku

He lives in the same house with his four wives, (MaCele, MaYeni, MaKhumalo and MaNgwabe) and ten children and he describes how he makes time for them by stating it is all about equality.

I sleep at each wife’s house every three days, but I call to see each of them every day, just to catch up and make sure I’m in the loop about everything.

They’re independent and unique in their own way, so I get them the same gifts but still consider their different tastes. So, for example, I’ll get them perfumes but the scents might vary depending on each person’s taste.

But despite promoting polygamy, Mseleku says he searches his soul daily to ask himself whether he still loves all his wives. But he always finds that his feelings haven’t changed.

In a touching statement, he said;

I’d never be able to sleep at night if any of them were to leave me. I wouldn’t sacrifice any of them. My desire is for us to be separated only in death – in fact, even if I were to be no more, I’d still want them to stay a family and be buried next to me.

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