Meet The Makeup Artist Who Uses Real Bugs on Her Face (Photos, Video)

Yes, yup, mhmm. And we’re not just talkin’ butterflies and ladybugs, either—no, makeup artist Jasmine (@butterflyjasmine49) uses the whole insect kingdom to complete her looks, including beetles, grasshoppers, bees, mealworms, and more! It’s a buffet of terror, all in one place. Just check out this spider look:

YEAH! THAT IS A REAL SPIDER, FOLKS. What a wild and crazy world we live in. Jasmine has almost 600 photos on her Instagram, and although not all of them are of bugged makeup looks (she’s actually a phenomenal makeup artist and also creates killer Halloween-level looks), her specialty seems to exist in the creep-factor arena. And also maybe fun facts, since she posts facts about each of the insects she uses in the caption of the photos.

Regardless of how you feel about the grass and bug-laden looks, though, you’ve got to hand it to her: She has a way with insects. How else is she keeping these bugs from walking down her face during photos? For more “oh my god; what?!” moments, keep on scrollin’. You’re welcome.


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