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Meet Eckhard Binding – The UFS Student Who Has Inspired South Africa


If you have been on social media today, you have probably witnessed the incident that occurred at the University of the Free State.

We reported that a video, which has since gone viral, showed Mzansi the difference between those who wish to build the nation up and those who want to break it down.

So who is the young man, braving the crowd of EFF protesters to relentlessly rectify the attempt to defile the campus?

Eckhard Binding is a student at the UFS, identified after coming forward late last night. He hails from Pretoria and serves on the AfriForum’s Student Council.

His determination has been rewarded as South Africans line up to bless him with tokens of their appreciation. As the video gains traction, commentators are showering him with donations towards his studies.

Osman Ebrahim had been so inspired by the incident he has offered Binding a bursary to study in ‘any field of his choice’. Other people have been offering generous donations ranging from R5 000 to R10 000 in their efforts to acknowledge them.

The moral of the story? South Africans will always rise when the call to come together sounds, and united we shall, undoubtedly, stand.


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