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May 11 SA Speed Limit: Here’s Everything You Need To Know About The New Road Rules

SA speed limit
SA speed limit

For the benefit of drivers who are yet to relate to the new SA speed limit and other road rules, SA transport department is set to see that the first phase of its newly introduced transport rules and speed limit is strictly followed from May 11, 2017.

The Transport department said its new rules for road users which was launched at the rush hour of 2015 will officially become effective in May, this year. The department says its the best way to limit the countless deaths caused by road accidents, especially during the festive seasons.

The minister of transport Dipuo Peters, who has been actively working on the new road regulations, maintained his plans to ensure that accident rate is down to the barest minimum not just over the festive period but for the entire year.

Government amended and published two draft regulations which were meant to reduce road accidents. These include proposal to revamp the learner’s license test, lower speed limits, the ban on transporting children in a bakkie’s load bay and restricting the use of heavy vehicles on public roads.

The Transport Minister spokesperson Ishmael Mnisi went on to explain that the new SA speed limit and road rules prohibits bakkie drivers from transporting children in the back of their vehicles, as well as carrying more than five passengers in the vehicle’s load bay.

The department will also implement stricter speed regulations on heavy goods vehicles, limiting how fast the vehicles are permitted to travel based on their weight. These vehicles will also have to display a sticker with a ‘100’ limit.

These new regulations include:

-Drivers will have to undergo a practical re-evaluation when renewing a license.

-A complete review and revamp of the current K53 test. Speed limits to be reduced from 60km/h to 40km/h in urban areas, from 100 to 80km/h in rural areas and from 120 to 100km/h on freeways running through a residential area

-Goods vehicles above 9,000kg GVM to be banned from public roads during peak traveling times.

-No school child may be transported for remuneration in the back of a bakkie or any other goods compartment of a vehicle

-Other important transport regulations would be open for public comment within the coming months, with the idea that the rules would be implemented officially within the next year.

The new SA transport rules have been argued to be detrimental to the nation’s unstable economy following its drastic effect on freight industry.

The SA Road and Freight Associations (RFA) said at the time the law was first launched, the proposed regulations underline the misconception that freight vehicles are the primary cause of incidents on the road. There has been mixed feelings about some of the new SA Speed Limit and road rules, particularly the one that involves the ban on transporting school children with bakkie.

While a group of kids in the back of a bakkie is not the safest, for thousands of children in SA it is the only way they can get to school. It’s not yet clear how the re-evaluation will work but let’s hope your parallel parking skills are still up to scratch.


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