Masechaba Ndlovu Opens Up On Marriage, S3x And Motherhood

Masechaba Ndlovu

Masechaba Ndlovu’s greatest goal has been to create conversation to get people to think out of their normal way of thinking.

Whether its a debate around the state of politics or anal sex- Masechaba’s passion to create conversation has been a major driving factor in her career.

So when Masechaba took the hot seat with DJ Sbu on the DJ Sbu Breakfast, she held nothing back. During the candid interview the TV show personality opened up about the joys of motherhood, marrying her best friend and, believe-it-or-not, anal sex.

Well, it all started when Sbu touched on the different topics Masechaba’s delved into on her shows.

And one of them happened to be tips from a sexologist for women on anal sex.

“Even though¬† a topic like anal sex is usually a taboo subject, Masechaba didn’t shy away from speaking about it. “I tried to get my husband to try it but he was like ‘haai’. He’s a typical Zulu man,” she said.

Masechaba who married her husband, Vusi Ndlovu had nothing but praise for her guy.

When asked about how married life was treating her, she said that it was good, because she “married the right person”.

“Because I chose the right man its treating me very well. My husband and I are very busy building our empire,” she added.

But away from their careers and cameras, the lovebirds just simply love each other’s company.

“Our favourite place to get drunk is on the living room couch, no drama, no cameras. I chose my best friend, my G and that’s what I love,” she added.

Masechaba who is usually private when it comes to her personal life also spoke about loving every moment of motherhood, and how its changed her.

“Birthing my sons made me realise that I am a queen and I stopped tolerating nonsense. I walk around with an invisible crown on my head.”

The TV personality explained that they have four children, two sons of their own and two daughters who live with their mothers.


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