For Married People: 11 Things You Should Try With Your Partner In Bed

There are a lot of ways to improve intimacy with your partner. Doing something new is one of them. The point of getting put of your comfort zone is that you might be surprised at the kinds of things that get you off.

Not everyone will like the same thing, however, so it is okay to discontinue this if it is not your thing. You can never know until you try though.

1. Oral.

If this is somehow something that you’ve never experienced, then it should be the first activity to try. Seriously, how have you managed to get this far without it? Oral sex is amazing, for all parties, and should be a usual part of any sexual relationship.

2. Massage.

A slow, sensual, and well-oiled kind could do wonders for your arousal level. This is a subtle and easily-implemented addition to the list.

3. Dressing up.

Some costumes and uniforms can be a real turn on. Women often love authority figures, while guys often love French maids outfits, leather dominatrix costumes, or simple silky adornments. Discuss what works for you and give it a go.

4. Dirty talk.

Not everyone is comfortable with this to begin with, but letting loose with the potty mouth can be a real turn on for some people – especially during the height of passion.

5. Fantasy talk.

Discussing fantasies mid-act, and talking about the filthiest things your imagination can muster during sex can really get the juices flowing. You don’t have to act upon them – make this clear to each other beforehand – but just airing them is enough to turn a normal lovemaking session into pure dynamite.

6. Spanking.

Perhaps one to go into gently to begin, but if you feel like upping the stakes, then try a firmer hand. Remember, though, that women have fuller posteriors than guys do, and feel the sting less than men. Also remember that guys have bigger, stronger, and rougher hands. Be as appropriate as the situation demands.

7. Three’s company.

If you’re both open-minded enough, try introducing a third person into the bedroom. Just make sure the rules are clear beforehand. For example, whether one of the couple is just to watch, or whether it’s open season for all three.

8. Exhibitionism.

This is illegal in many countries, so check first, but revealing your sexual activities to others can be a real turn-on.

9. Tantra.

Inner massage, as some have jokingly named it, tantra takes practice and patience, but can have a hugely successful impact on the quality of your lovemaking.

10. Frottage.

Or to put it in simple terms, rubbing against each other. Skin to skin, and genital to genital, but resisting penetration, frottage can be a very horny way to get the ball rolling.

11. Mutual masturbation.

Takes a lot of discipline to stop yourselves from escalating it into full-blown sex, but combined with some of the above tips, such as fantasy talk or exhibitionism, it can be a real turn-on and definitely worth trying at least once.



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