Mark Lamberti Resigns From Board Of BLSA

Stamp Lamberti has resigned from the leading body of Business Leadership South Africa (BLSA) soon after presenting his acquiescence as executive of the Eskom board a week ago.

Lamberti was discovered blameworthy of segregation not long ago after he alluded to a previous worker as a female business value hopeful.In a statement, Business Leadership South Africa has confirmed Lamberti’s resignation from the organisation’s board.

BLSA says that it is committed to creating a South Africa which is transformative and inclusive by empowering senior black leadership.

Since the High Court judgment, Lamberti says that he’s apologised to BLSA for his behaviour, which goes against the values of the association.

BLSA says its accepted both Lamberti’s apology and his resignation, thanking him for the many years that he’s served as director on its board.

The organisation says it hopes its members will commit to appropriately manage issues of transformation which is critical to South Africa’s future.


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