Mariah Carey Finally Open Up About Her Mental Illness

Why the multi grant winning entertainer shouldn’t have needed to sit tight for the account to wind up adequate before uncovering that she has bipolar II issue.

I know this has been said such a significant number of times before – yet we truly must quit trusting that living with any sort of psychological well-being jumble is something you ought to be embarrassed about.

Whenever there is any narrative that serves to create open dialogue, it’s often tempered by attitudes that are rooted in dismissal, especially by many who view depression as something that can simply be exercised away or be banished by thinking happy thoughts.

Over the past few years, more and more celebrities have been coming forward to talk about their struggle with depression, anxiety and other mental health disorders that they’ve been living with. From Demi Lovato – who has bravely opened up about her struggles with mental health, addiction and suicidal thoughts, to Chrissy Teigen who bared her soul about struggling with post-partum depression.

Our local celebrities have also been opening up too. Bonnie Mbuli, Nonhle Thema and Simphiwe Dana have all been upfront about how difficult it is living with and trying to overcome depression.

And now, adding to those phenomenally brave voices, is none other than Mariah Carey.

The Grammy-award winning singer and songwriter has recently, in an exclusive interview with People magazine, revealed that she’s been diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder 2.

Remember that period in 2001 when she was hospitalised for that physical and emotional breakdown that many folk had a field day with? That was when she was first diagnosed.

She says that it took a long time for her to process it and that it was hard to reconcile with the diagnosis the first time. In the interview she also goes on to add that she spent so much time living in fear of being exposed and how it eventually became something that was too big to bear on her own.


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