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Marah Louw Speaks on Being Listed as Part of Hlaudi’s Political Party: I Never Left the ANC

A frustrated Marah Louw has reaffirmed her commitment to the ANC after her name was listed as a candidate, second to Hlaudi Motsoeneng, on the African Content Movement’s (ACM) parliamentary list.

In a series of text messages seen by TshisaLIVE, Marah thanked Hlaudi for assisting her but told him she would not be joining his party and instructed her lawyers to notify the IEC that she wished to remove her name as a candidate.

She went on to explain that she was “disappointed with the ANC”, which she’s belonged to since she was a child, but cannot jump ship because it could impact her career and standing in the community.

“I never left the ANC. I am ANC through and through. I have had ANC stickers on my car. I have performed at rallies. I have walked with leaders. I have never hidden the fact that I am an ANC member. It is not like I am going back to the party, I never left. Such things can be dangerous, especially where politics is involved.”

Marah explained that Hlaudi had lent her money after she told him her tyres had burst and she needed new ones, but said that she did not demand the money from Hlaudi.

After she received the money from Hlaudi, she thanked him and he put forward the idea of joining parliament.

“He was very convincing and it sounded like a good idea at the time. I signed the forms but did not think I was joining any particular party. I didn’t think I would represent the ANC or ACM or anyone. Maybe I wasn’t thinking clearly but I thought maybe I could be a single candidate. I didn’t think that I would be joining the ACM.”

She said that she was “not in a good space financially” but that it was temporary and she  had told Hlaudi she would pay back the money she owes him.


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