Managing Diabetes: 5 Important Skin Care Tips For Diabetes Patients

Managing diabetes is about eating right, exercising, and following your doctor’s recommendations. But there are other considerations. For instance, many people with diabetes don’t realize the importance of skin care.

Dry and itchy skin is one of the key symptoms of diabetes, which requires special attention. In addition to controlling your blood glucose level, following these skin care routine can help prevent further worsening of the dry skin and skin infections. Diabetes makes you more likely to get a wide range of skin problems. But you can do a lot to keep yours healthy.

Here are 5 skin care tips for diabetes patients.

1. If you have a habit of taking a hot shower, then make sure you opt for slightly warm water or lukewarm water as opposed to hot water. This is because hot water strips essential oils and moisture from the skin thereby further putting you at risk of dry skin.

2. Just like sunscreen, moisturiser is also a must-have skincare essential during winters as it protects the skin from the extreme cold and dry air, w2hich can lead to dryness of the skin. Applying a moisturiser acts as a barrier helping the skin to stay well hydrated and moisturised.

3. Use a room humidifier at home as it adds moisture to the air when the temperature drops. In this way, it helps in preventing the skin from losing excessive hydration and becoming extremely dry.

4. Always drink plenty of water. It’s wise to cut down on alcohol or caffeine, since these substances can dehydrate the body, robbing the skin of fluids.

5. Lastly, never underestimate the power of a healthy diet in preventing dry and itchy skin, commonly seen in diabetics. Hence, you must eat a diet rich in omega-3 fatty acids and selenium like nuts, eggs and seafood as it helps in keeping the skin healthy and strong.


Written by How South Africa

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