Man Likens Educated People To Slave And Here’s Why (Videos)

man who eats flesh
A Shocked Lady

A man went on a rant about uneducated ‘hustlers’ succeeding in life and driving luxurious cars, and the video has caught the attention of many on social media.

The man who posted a few videos since April 5 is causing quite a stir on social media with his comments.

The man starts his videos by sarcastically greeting the educated but unemployed, and follows this by greeting the hustlers who are driving expensive cars and living in opulence – without any education.


In one video, he is seen driving a Jeep SRT, charismatically greeting those who hustle in the streets while driving ‘SRTs and wearing Replay [clothes] like us’. He then says: “We are doing this,” referring to those who are uneducated but living lavishly.

This is followed by a remark to those who have gone to school and acquired an education, but were still unemployed. To them, he says: “Everyone must fend for themselves.”

Another video by the man who is yet to be named is taken inside what looks like a restaurant. As usual, he starts his video in the usual fashion.

“Greeting those uneducated like myself, who eat Ocean Basket on a Monday.” He continues to greet those who are educated, but implies they only eat kotas and drink ‘umhluzi’, a Zulu word for gravy.


A second video on Facebook shows the man outside a home with a Jeep SRT in the background. He mocks educated people and says they are at work eating last night’s supper and cold food.

This man has caught the eye of many, as the number of views on the view seems to be increasing.

The topless man takes even more jabs by saying he is hungry, and all those who are uneducated and ‘hustling’ can join him for his pizza breakfast at a local restaurant. He, of course, foots the bill, and closes off the video by saying money is not a problem.

Twitter is split in its reactions to the man’s videos.


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