Man Hijacked And Kidnapped Outside Menlo Park

Brooklyn police are investigating a hijacking and kidnapping case after a man was hijacked outside a security complex in Menlo Park.

Police spokesperson Captain Colette Weilbach said the 36-year-old was hijacked on Thursday evening at around 22:00.

“When he entered via the boom gate, a white Mercedes Benz with four or five occupants stopped behind him, preventing the gate from closing,” she said.

“Three armed men approached him and forced him into the back seat of his black Jeep. The security guard at the gate was also threatened and ordered to lie down on the ground.

Weilbach said the robbers drove around with their victim and later pushed him into the white Mercedes Benz.

“They robbed him of his cellphone, wallet and other personal belongings. After driving for some time, the man managed to escape by jumping out of the suspects’ vehicle. They fired shots in his direction, but he escaped unharmed. The man found himself in Kempton Park where a security officer helped him by taking him to the police station,” Weilbach said.

“The suspects spoke Zulu and the registration number for the white Mercedes Benz they used, started with FW.”

Weilbach said the registration number for the black Jeep that was hijacked is FX 04 HF GP.

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