Malema To Fight White Rights, Reveals New Land Expropriation Facet

EFF pioneer Julius Malema has reaffirmed his responsibility regarding battle against whiteness and white benefit. He’s likewise offered a potential take a gander at fortified homes under land confiscation. It may seem to be a great deal to take in, so how about we separate it.

On Thursday, the EFF hosted a media breakfast with political editors and journalists in Braamfontein Johannesburg. After a recent prickly period with the South African media, the event would allow the EFF to convey their message and come across as less hostile to practitioners.

Over the last week, the DA has been trying to put out fires after a report leaked claiming that Mmusi Maimane was attacked by some DA members for speaking out against white privilege. Some white DA members were reportedly worried that the leader’s comments would cause a haemorrhaging of white votes.

Alluding to the incident, Malema stressed that the EFF will not be discouraged from taking on the issue and hit out at the “different rules” for different races in SA.

“I have never carried a gun to any march. Fifty thousand people marched from Joburg to Sandton without committing any crime, without shooting a white person, without beating a white person, without blocking roads, marching through roads dictated to them by the police peacefully.

“Those people are called fascists, but white people who march all the time in Pretoria, who are against the rules, 99% of them are carrying guns, no single journalist, no single political commentator calls them fascist, yet they are carrying guns.”

Malema also raised the question of why white members of the ANC cannot speak African languages and reminded South Africans that his “cut the throat of whiteness” comment was figurative.

Moving on to land expropriation, the Commander-in-Chief dismissed fears that investors would flee SA if land expropriation without compensation took place.

He even dropped a bombshell by providing insight into how those who have bonds would be affected by land expropriation.

“We are nationalising the land and everything that comes with the land underground‚ not these things on top. If you’ve got a bond‚ we will talk to the bank that we have taken the land. [We will ask the bank] how much was the land and they will tell us and we will say that is gone without compensation. You will be left with [only] the bond of the house.”

“If you have a bonded house‚ you must continue to pay but we will give you a discount because we have taken that debt away from you. We are not going to pay any bank‚” Malema said.

The EFF has previously seemed unsure of specifics like this regarding property and land. We asked Secretary General Godrich Gardee similar questions earlier in the year. His answers seemed less than certain.

Malema plans to release a list showing how private investors have been investing in facilities on state-owned land.


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