Malema Slated For Getting Involved In Baby Mama Drama

Though some thought the man defaulting on his papgeld was Sundowns boss Patrice Motsepe, the baby mama clarified the issue and said it was definitely not him.

A woman went on a Twitter rant on Wednesday morning complaining about her baby daddy, apparently a millionaire who has not been financially supporting his three children.

In a series of tweets, the woman said her baby daddy’s brother threatened to kill her because she constantly nagged the father to perform his duties. She said she chose to stay away from the brother, but had to share her story on social media to “serve as evidence that everyone knew about the matter before he kills me”.

The said brother saw the Twitter thread and asked Police Minister Fikile Mbalula to attend to the woman, who he said was falsely accusing him. He said he had never met her, but also said she was bitter because he “refused to intervene in her papgeld”.

The woman was not backing down, saying the brother did threaten to kill her and that’s why he felt the need to comment on her thread.

“I want the world to know what you guys are like,” she said.

The man responded again, saying even if he were to sue the woman for falsely accusing her, it would not work, as she was apparently struggling with her kids already.

“But she needs a reality check,” he added.

She told the brother she was not scared of him: “Your threats always work against you, so stop already.”

While some of her followers commended her for naming and shaming her baby daddy and his brother, some asked her if she had approached the courts, as it was a matter Twitter could not fix for her.

She said she did approach the courts, but it did not work, as the baby daddy – a Randburg attorney and prophet – manipulated court processes and somehow got them to buy his story.

“Now I’m struggling to finish my LLB degree because of these heartless people,” she said.

Malema got himself involved in the baby mama drama after retweeting the thread and asking if the woman had opened a case against the brother.

“Did you open the case against him?” Malema asked, a question that upset the man, who asked the EFF leader why he felt the need to involve himself.

He even asked the Malema if he was a baby mama himself if he felt such a strong need to get involved.

“Y’all on my TL all of a sudden because of what exactly, Julius? Who’s this girl? How can I be of assistance? Are you someone’s baby mama?” He asked the EFF leader.

The man said unlike others on his timeline, he was not a nosy sibling who got involved in his brother’s papgeld and relationships.

He again called on Mbalula to “rope the woman in, she’s gone overboard”


Written by How South Africa

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