Malema on rejoining The ANC: ‘Not Even In My Next Life’

Julius Malema, leader of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) answered some pertinent questions during a late night Q and A session via his Instagram account on Sunday 22 December.

It’s been a turbulent political year in South Africa, typified by the results of May’s general elections and the ensuing uneasiness among the three biggest parties. The African National Congress (ANC), under the leadership of president Cyril Ramaphosa, recorded its lowest vote tally since the dawn of democracy, while the official opposition, the Democratic Alliance (DA), regressed for the first time since 1994.

The EFF, which hasn’t been free of controversy, managed to grow its voter share despite allegations of corruption levelled against its leadership. The Red Berets also recently emerged, largely unscathed, from their second National People’s Assembly, whereby Malema was elected, uncontested, to lead the party forward.

Prior to the three-day conference – which is the most important event on the EFF’s political calendar – speculation was rife that Malema may be ousted from his position of power. While changes have impacted the party’s Top Six, a resilient Malema remains firmly at the helm.

In an unusual show of spontaneous interactive transparency, Malema recently offered to answer all questions posed by his Instagram followers, revealing both personal and professional details of South Africa’s primary political provocateur.

Malema on healthy living

When asked about his sleep patterns and eating habits, Malema, whose significant weight loss in recent years has received applause, maintained that his “clean” lifestyle ensured a healthy lifestyle balance. One Instagram user asked how many hours Malema managed to sleep, considering the size and energy of the EFF and the leader’s busy itinerary. Malema noted that he sleeps for five hours a day.

When asked what his favourite drink was, Malema answered:

“Water is life”.

Eskom and other state owned enterprises

Malema, who has been outspoken on issues impacting state-owned enterprises (SOEs), especially the recent appointment of Andre de Ruyter as CEO of Eskom, opened up about the future of South Africa’s most vital business entities.

When questioned about his opinions regarding the Eskom conundrum, Malema described the utility’s board as “useless” and added that the ANC’s “patronage and kleptocracy” had led to the failure of state owned enterprises.

South Africa’s biggest challenges and Malema’s aspirations

The leader of the Red Berets also gave insight into what he believes are some of the biggest challenges facing South Africa at the moment. When asked about ‘South Africa’s greatest challenge’, Malema answered:

“Unemployment, especially among the youth”.

Malema added that the “emancipation of Africans” would inevitably lead to an equal and unified nation. When asked about his aspirations in life, Malema replied:

“To inspire confidence in an African child.”

Malema on the ANC

Malema, who started his political career as a staunch ANC supporter and member, reaching the position of Youth League leader under the tutelage of former president Jacob Zuma, has become fiercely critical of the ruling party since forming the EFF.

Malema, who was largely responsible for leading the political assault on Zuma, has, on a number of occasions, “declared war” on the ANC. Still, the EFF and ANC hold valuable cooperative arrangements in some municipalities and, furthermore, Malema has not completely abandoned the opportunity to work with the ruling party in future.

This amicable relationship has birthed rumours that Malema may one day return to the ANC – a call which has been echoed by senior ANC leaders. Malema, however, is adamant that he will never return to his former political house.

When one Instagram user commented ‘when are you going back to the ANC?’, Malema answered:

“Not even in my next life”.

The EFF leader went on to blame the ANC for crippling service delivery failures, especially in rural areas. When asked about removing Ramaphosa from power, Malema said:

“It’s in your hands guys, don’t abdicate your responsibility”.

Nationalisation of land, mines and banks

Malema, who initiated the push for amendments to Section 25 of the Constitution, allowing for the expropriation of land without compensation, has remained resolute and uncompromising in his appeal for nationalisation.

When asked if expropriation without compensation along with the nationalisation of banks and mines was “still on the cards”, Malema said that it was “non-negotiable”.


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