‘Malema Is A Known Serial Flip-Flopper’- Tshwane ANC

The African National Congress (ANC) in the Greater Tshwane region has called Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader Julius Malema “a known serial flip-flopper” and has said the party does not believe nor trust the red berets’ decision to no longer vote with the Democratic Alliance (DA).

This comes after Malema announced on Tuesday that the EFF would no longer vote with the DA and that it would also not vote with the ANC.

In a statement following the ANC’s press conference on Thursday, the opposition party in the capital city said it learned of the EFF’s decision “to end its nefarious coalition government arrangements with the DA” through the red berets’ presser on Tuesday.

“We hear the reasons provided by … Mr Julius Malema … but we don’t believe it [nor] trust him, he is a known serial flip-flopper,” the statement reads.

The ANC said it was not “surprised” or “shocked” by the “uncouth statement” from Malema “and his EFF untrained soldiers”.

“The ANC has no business to do with [this] sudden ‘political divorce case’ which were entered into based on unprincipled political and [shaky] foundations. In [conclusion] this was a marriage of convenience and opportunism from ‘political hell’,” the ANC said.

The party said the “nefarious coalition government” of the EFF and DA were “destined to become a big flop”.

The ANC pointed out that the two parties differed in their policies, with the DA having “clear interests to defend white privilege at all costs” and the EFF being “an undefined pseudo and quasi radical Marxist-Fanon movement with no form, like a political amoeba”.

“The theoretical foundations that are used by its proponents to define the EFF have no concrete political locus standi or [rigour] – it is just a fuss – the EFF is directionless,” the ANC said.

The party quoted its national head of elections, Fikile Mbalula, who called the EFF freelancers.

The ANC said: “Malema … is known to waffle a lot, hoodwink unsuspecting followers and obfuscate at every opportunity.”

In the interest of the people of Tshwane, the ANC said it had resolved to work with either of the parties – the DA, EFF and other smaller parties – and prioritise the interests of the people.


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