Male Celebrities Who Are Bold Enough To Embrace A ‘Feminine’ Style

Gone are the days when straight men were afraid to wear pink
These days they are rocking florals, prints and even skirts.

While many still mock men who embrace a more feminine style, stars like Riky Rick and Jimmy Nevis are changing the perception of men’s fashion for the better.

Take a look at five men who are changing the fashion game.

Riky Rick

Riky Rick is one of a few rappers who don’t embrace the baggy T-shirt and baggy jeans dress code.

Instead, the Boss Zonke hitmaker has his own unique style which includes man bags, skirts and colourful outfits. Some have ridiculed his ‘womanlike’ like style, but Riky Rick couldn’t be less bothered. His gender-bending style is taking off overseas. Riky Rick’s unisex bag range with MaXhosa by Laduma Okapi took London by storm in 2018.

“As a kid I was borrowing my mother’s clothes and nobody noticed because they still looked good. Now people are more accepting of us borrowing styles from the opposite sex. It’s liberating to wear a piece of women’s clothing or women’s perfume. We realise the borders are being broken down,” the rapper told TshisaLIVE in an interview.


Jimmy Nevis

Cape Town singer Jimmy Nevis has never been one to follow fashion norms.

The Heartboxing musician started his own fashion label, York Yard, to celebrate local fashion. While some have called his fashion too ‘feminine’ for a man, Jimmy is proud of his style.

“I don’t feel as pressured to succumb to the latest fashion trends. For me, fashion is a creative space which stems from my music. It’s not a separate entity. Personally, music and fashion go hand in hand,” he told Cue in an interview.


Prince Kaybee

Pink is for girls and blue is for boys? Nope! Men like Prince Kaybee are embracing the colour pink and proudly buying many clothing items in the colour.

He is known for his dapper style but isn’t afraid to colour outside the lines when it comes to his fashion choices.


Maps Maponyane

Map Maponyane’s style has earned him a place on many best-dressed lists. Like a chameleon, he likes to switch things up now and again.

One minute he is looking dapper in a James Bond-like suit and the next he is looking trendy in a newsboy cap and ripped jeans. Maps is also in touch with his feminine side. The TV presenter and model is also not afraid to wear head-to-toe pink!



J’Something was voted GQ’s best-dressed man in South Africa in 2015.

The MiCasa singer described his style as “sophisticated meets street”, and we might add, a touch of feminine. He has been known to wear floral prints, which are usually reserved for women’s clothing and Hawaiian shirts.

“The things I wear speak a lot about me. But primarily I think I have been chosen as GQ’s Best-Dressed Man for 2015 because I have a sense of style and have built a reputable brand around myself,” he told GQ in an interview.



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