Makhosi Khoza Takes To Facebook To Give Mbalula A Roasting Of Note After Her Death Threats

Makhosi Khoza REPLIES Mbalula on facebook

ANC MP Dr Makhosi Khoza is a hero who has been going through all kinds of trouble, purely because she has insisted on standing up against corruption and speaking out against President Zuma Khoza and even her own daughter have been receiving death threats for her honesty and integrity. Death threats mean a call to the police, Khoza has made multiple calls but has received no real sufficient response from SAPS or Police Minister Fikile Mbalula.

In fact, when Khoza previously mentioned that she might disobey party orders in the motion of no confidence, Mbalula described individuals such as her as “suicide bombers”.

Khoza took to Facebook on Wednesday to have a go at Mbalula after he said that revealing her death threats had “not helped the investigation”. She also accused Mbalula of “fueling” the threa

Makhosi Khoza REPLIES Mbalula on facebook

“The Minister himself (Mbalula) fueled the threats. He also joined those who wanted to eliminate me and have me dismissed or expelled from the ANC for choosing to uphold not just the RSA Constitution but that of the ANC. My only sin is defending the ANC mission and not amoral leadership which is heading the ANC to extinction.”

“Instead of receiving assurance for protection the Minister of Police referred ANC MPs like myself suicide bombers and threatened them with expulsion should they vote in favour of a no confidence vote on the President. To me this explained why the death threats on my life and family were never taken seriously by the SAPS.”

“When threats escalated to my children and I was given 21 days to live, I posted the threats on my Facebook wall. I lost faith in SAPS and Parliament. I chose not to die in silence.”

Khoza also accused Mbalulua of publically lying about whether he had been in contact with her. Khoza says that Mbalula and parliament only tried to reach her for the first time on Tuesday the 18th of July. She also expressed disbelief at the “miraculous” case number she received the day of the call. She had not opened a case that day.

Khoza ended her Facebook post by revealing that a junior investigator was handling her case. That investigator was apparently being instructed to focus on certain cases and ignore her threats. The people he was investigating also apparently had “all his records”.

You can read the statement in full below.

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