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Luzuko Nteleko Gives Details on US Drama Series He’s Starring in.

SA actor Luzuko Nteleko has just finished shooting a LGBTQ US drama series About Him starring US star Milan Christopher and he gushed about being part of a production that showcases issues they face daily.

Speaking to TshisaLIVE Luzuko shared how important it was for him to represent SA in the best way possible‚ both in reality and in his performance.

“It felt amazing‚ I think it’s every actor’s dream to be part of an international production because it gives you a chance to learn how other people tell stories and how different it is to how we do things. It was also important for me to leave an impression‚ they must remember me when they do other projects in Africa.”

The latest series shot in Mzansi is the third season. The story‚ focused around Milan’s character‚ is described as the “black Queer As Folk” and is an eight part drama series.

Luzuko plays the role of Zumbi‚ who is a childhood friend to Omari (played by Milan). His character is homosexual and plays a big role in helping Omari figure out his sexuality.

The actor also said he enjoyed bursting the myths that the American cast and crew had about Africa and SA in particular. He said he also realised that it was his responsibility to make sure they took “a different view” of Mzansi back to the States‚ one that was not stereotypical.

Luzuko said he was proud of the decision by the production to just “create their own tribe” so as to not offend South Africans.

“Working with Milan was really interesting‚ he is a very nice guy… So open and kind and willing to learn. We’ve partied together and he asked questions‚ he blends right in‚” Luzuko said.

Other SA actors in the series include Nyaniso Dzedze and Nambitha Mpumlwana.

The show debuts February 14 but is only available on Signal 23 Television and on Sky channel 25.


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