Love Your Dark Skin – Kelly Rowland

Just a simple glance at Kelly Rowland and one word comes to mind, gorgeous. From head to toe, she is truly beautiful. Not only is she beautiful she is talented! From her early start with Destiny’s Child to her blossoming solo and acting career Kelly has a lot to proud of. Which is why it is difficult to understand how this superstar once struggled with major insecurities. She resented her chocolate complexion and struggled with loving and appreciating herself.

She didn’t think she was pretty enough. She reminisced about being out in the sun and trying to shield her skin from the sun to avoid getting darker. She revealed that several women played an important role in helping her get out of that negative mind frame. Some of her inspiration came from Beyoncé’s mother, Tina Knowles.
There is this misconception that light skinned African American women are prettier than dark skinned women. Unfortunately this is a stigma that has been perpetuated in the black community for far too long. But we all know this is not true, yet we continue to feed into the foolishness. In 2016 more and more African Americans are conscious of this misconception and know that all shades of black are beautiful! At this point we should be wearing our skin like a badge of honor because that’s exactly what it is!

via iambeautiful365


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