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Local Rapper Nadia Nakai Admits She Fell For ‘Alcohol Sale Ban’ Voice Note Scam

Local rapper Nadia Nakai admitted that she fell for the voice note scam regarding the sale of alcohol.

On Tuesday, many South Africans rushed to liquor stores after a voice note circulated claiming President Cyril Ramaphosa was set to address the country at 8pm.

The voice note said he was reinstating the ban on the sale of alcohol due to the increase in drunk-driving accidents over the weekend.

“I’m just letting you know the bottle stores will be closing. Will be the last day today. Tonight, 8 o’clock, he is talking,” the person claimed.

The ban on the sale of alcohol was lifted last week Tuesday, but strict conditions were imposed.

The sale of alcohol is only allowed from Monday to Thursday from 9am to 5pm.

The Presidency’s acting spokesperson, Tyrone Seale, said there was no truth to the voice note.

He said if the president was to address the country, an official statement would be released.

“We have not made any statements about this,” he said.

The “Imma Boss“ hitmaker was one of the people who rushed to the bottle store to stock up.

Taking to Twitter, Nadia said she believed that bottle store owners were behind the voice note and that she also fell for it.

She wrote: “Soooo I’m convinced it’s the owners of the bottle stores starting rumors that there will be a ban on alcohol!!! I got a voice note today saying a ban will be announced today! So I rushed to stock up on the bujwals but Dololo! … looks like even tomorrow I can bye!” (sic)


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