Load Shedding not Likely to Continue Until January – Eskom

Eskom’s Financial Results

There is a low probability of load shedding up until January 13 because of the diminished demand for power over the happy break, Eskom said.

The power utility made an announcement on Thursday morning on the system’s status. There has been no load shedding for four consecutive days.

The power utility, however, noted that the rainy season from December to March could impact coal handling and feeding to broilers – which could affect generation production.

“While we do not anticipate load shedding we continue to warn customers that as the system remains vulnerable, any shift could increase the probability of load shedding,” it said.

Eskom also warned that power outages over the holiday period could occur as a result of “technical faults on the distribution network” and not because of load shedding.

The power utility is in the process of implementing a 9-point plan to improve plant performance and coal stock levels – and will intensify the maintenance of plants during December.


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