Limpopo’s Top Performing Schools Under Pressure As Parents Seek Places For Children

Top performing schools in the rural areas of Limpopo are facing increasing demand from parents who want to secure places for their children.

Marumo Mashifane, the principal of Moroke Secondary School in Phokwane, Nebo, had to turn down scores of applications from parents – some from outside the area – who wanted to enrol their children at the school.

The school’s matriculants have consistently achieved high marks and in 2018 the Moroke got a 98.7% pass rate with three candidates obtaining 300/300 marks in physical science.

Limpopo Premier Stan Mathabatha paid the school a visit on the first day of the school year on Wednesday.

The reason behind the visit was to determine the “recipe” for its success so that it could be duplicated in other schools in the province that are lagging behind.

Mashifane told the newsmen that the school’s management had come under pressure from parents in the community and surrounding areas wanting to enrol their children. However, a shortage of classrooms remains one of the challenges the Moroke Secondary School faces.

“Overcrowding is one of the challenges. The parents in the whole community want to bring their children here.
They are fighting with us to say, ‘Why don’t you take our children?’ but unfortunately we cannot take everybody.

“That’s why I appealed to the premier [Mathabatha] to assist us – even if it’s just one block of classrooms so that we don’t fight with the community,” Mashifane said.


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