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“You Are Like Zuma, Hlaudi If You Hate Education!” – Malema Tells South African Youths

Julius Malema
Julius Malema

Julius Malema of the Economic Freedom fighters (EFF) on Sunday, urged his supporters and the South African Youths to embrace education and not be like Jacob Zuma’s family who hate education.

Speaking after he visited detained student activist, Bonginkosi Khanyile, at the Westville Correctional Services Centre in Durban, Malema described Education as a direct threat to white people and he encouraged all to get educated so they could compete with the white.

“We don’t want to be like Jacob Zuma. We don’t want to be like Zuma’s family, we want to be educated, that is what we are fighting for. Even Khulubuse [Zuma’s nephew] is not educated. We don’t want anything that has got to do with that family.

“We are rejecting anything that represents Jacob Zuma. Lack of education is what represents Jacob Zuma,” Malema said to over 1 500 supporters awaiting him just after visiting Bonginkosi Khanyile. Malema also picked on Hlaudi Mostoeneng as one of those who detest education like Zuma.

“Hlaudi [Mostoeneng] was asked a simple question. ‘Would you consider going back to school, Hlaudi?’ He is not old, he still has energy but he said a big no,” Malema joked. He said that the embattled SABC executive “refused education like it was a biting animal”.

“When a person does not want to go to school, you must say to them, ‘Uhm, Zuma must be your role model because the man hates education with everything in him. And all those who support him also hate education,” Julius Malema added.

The defiant leader concluded his speech by saying education is threatening white privilege, white supremacy and capitalism because when you are educated, no one would be domestic workers in the house of a white man and no one would go to provide the cheap labour. Free education was true liberation, and that is why they hate it, Malema ended saying.


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