Lerato Kganyasgo Clears The Air On Adoption Claims

Lerato Kganyago caused a frenzy on social media a few days ago when she shared a picture of herself holding a little boy.

The Metro FM presenter captioned the image: “My Gift finally arrived!”.

Many of Lerato’s fans, who are aware of her struggles to conceive, assumed that she had adopted the boy and were quick to congratulate the new mom.

But did she really adopt?

Lerato set the record straight after being inundated with well-wishes. “Guys not like that! I wish!” she tweeted.

The 36-year-old added in a separate tweet: “Guys it’s just a pic of me and a baby I named Gift.”

Lerato has talked openly about the two miscarriages she suffered in the past, revealing that she might never be able to have children as she has fibroids.

Her fans admitted that they were excited at the thought of her adopting following her heartache.

“You’d make a great mama … no pressure but the excitement on the thought that you have adopted,” one commented after she revealed she was not adopting.

Lerato replied: “I know you guys want me to have my little one so bad … Y’all are just amazing.”

It’s not the first time the adoption topic has come up.

Earlier this year, Lerato took to Twitter to tell her followers that “adoption is not a white thing”.

“Anyone can adopt. I know culturally some families might be against it … via tradition! But hey, if your heart says do it, do it!

Lerato also revealed that adopting was not an easy process.

“I really wish there were seminars about artificial insemination, adoption, in vitro fertilization, surrogacy, etc!” she added.

She might not be adopting a baby just yet, but Lerato’s fans clearly think she would make a great mother.

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