The Latest Instagram Updated Account Introduces 2 New Features

Instagram stories are great for people who don’t want to join SnapChat.

Many people including yours truly just love Instagram and its stories. Instagram is committed to making sure people enjoy and stay on their platform. In typical IG fashion, we get new updates to get giddy about.

Instagram is joining the likes of Twitter in bringing polls to their users.

Yes guys, you can now include polls on your IG account. Can’t choose between two outfits? Ask your Instagram followers. What about what to eat, ask your followers. All you have to do is add a poll sticker to your story. Drag the poll icon and drop it on your image in your story. You’d get an automatic prompt to edit and customise the questions as well as answers. People who view your stories can vote by just tapping on one of the answers. You can view the voters by checking the viewers of your story.




Another new thing from Instagram is the eyedropper too.

This will allow you to pick colours from your images to use in text or brushes. Also, there is an alignment tool that will ensure that your texts and images are properly aligned. Sadly, this eyedropper tool is only available on iOs.


Written by southhow

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