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Lasizwe’s Done with Men, Now He’s Looking for a Lady to Love

Lasizwe has made an announcement: He is done with men.

The YouTube star and social media influencer shared this sentiment on his Twitter account and added that he might just start dating women.

According to Lasizwe, his gender is ‘a stress’. Looks like it’s not only the women who are fed up of men.

“From today I’m straight, men are a stress! Yoh! Haha! Where the ladies at!?”

For the most part, Lasizwe has been keeping his romantic life private so it’s not clear who the man is that has him so tired of an entire gender.

It was rumoured that Lasizwe may have a thing for his close friend, actor Cedric Fourie, but Cedric’s dating a new lady at the moment.

Whether the young man was joking (which he probably was) or being serious, we noticed that his fans got his back.


“I’m here baby”


“Change sides wena Lasizwe before you get a stroke from dating that gender”


“If you’re done with men what about the rest of us? And I’m jumping on that bandwagon too, #wheretheladiesat”


“This is the tweet of the year man”


“Sorry, my Love it’s hard out there.”


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