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Ladies, Here Are Tips To Look 10 Years Younger


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Tired of looking in the mirror and seeing how the years are taking their toll? Here’s how to turn back the clock…

We all know there’s nothing wrong with looking our age, but what woman isn’t flattered and secretly thrilled when someone thinks they look far younger than they are?
Defying the years takes time and effort, whether it’s getting enough sleep, following a healthy diet and exercise regime, drinking lots of water and sticking to a good skincare routine, they can all bring us one step closer to the fountain of youth.
But what if you don’t have time for an eight-hour nap, enjoy a busy social life, suffer from the occasional stress, love a large glass of wine at the end of the day, have bad eating habits or can’t always get outside to enjoy the fresh air?
Well don’t worry, you don’t need to invest in an expensive night cream, have a personal trainer, check into a health spa or go under the knife for a more youthful looking you.
Try one of these quick fixes instead and see what a difference it makes…
Book a hair appointment
If you’ve had the same hairstyle for years, haven’t tried highlights or changed the colour, aren’t concealing the strands of grey or are wearing it long when you shouldn’t, then it’s time for a new style that will instantly take the years off.
Change your lipstick
With so many beauty counters offering complimentary makeovers, there’s no excuse not to make the most of their expert tips and a new lipstick, lip liner and gloss will add some youthful plumpness, so pucker up.
Have more lovemaking
Research has found that a healthy lovemaking life can make you look at least 10 years younger and the pleasure from making love and “positive hormones” is a crucial factor in preserving youth.
Have a fake tan
Yep, while sunbathing is detrimental to our skin, the all-important fake tan can wipe years off us, hence the reason we all love to sit in the sun but shouldn’t.
Smile more
A smile can light up the face, bring joy to others and make you look young, fresh and happy! Studies have shown that people who smile look more attractive, which can make them appear younger.
Scent of a woman
Find a fragrance with grapefruit extract and you’ll smell younger – try Jo Malone Grapefruit Cologne which is fresh and zesty. Studies have shown men will perceive you at least seven years younger than someone who wears vanilla extract.
Buy a good bra
Get a professional fitting to ensure you’re wearing the right bra which will help shape you better, and make sure your clothes look and fit you in a flattering way.

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