For Ladies: How To Prevent Menstrual Acne

Menstrual Acne

Adolescence is the period when your skin is most prone to acnes and pimples. While in your teens, hormonal changes in the body remain the main cause behind the outbreaks, it gets very embarrassing when the skin abrasions also continue to appear in your adulthood. Women, who have attained puberty, find themselves suffering from the problems of adult acne because of the periodic menstrual cycles. The main reason behind this remains the same as in your adolescent period. Hormonal changes taking place during the menstrual cycle triggers the formation of acne.

Acnes can bevery irritating and thus, understanding how to prevent menstrual acne becomes important. Here are some simple beauty tips that will help you to keep your face free from the various skin inflammations and keep your skin healthy.


Acnes are caused when the pores on the skin start to secret excess oil because of various hormonal and physiological changes in the body. Moreover, as the pores get plugged by dust and dirt, infection occurs resulting in the formation of acne. The physiological changes that occur during periods, stimulates the oil glands of the skin to secret more than the required amounts of essential oil and initiates the formation of acne.




Washing removes the dirt that might have got deposited on the skin. While washing twice in a day is the most ideal situation, if you are allergic to soap then cleaning your face once before bed will also be effective. Always use baby soap or a very gentle cleanser on your face to avoid any kind of skin irritation. Massage the cleanser lightly with your fingers. This will help to remove the dead cells that might be plugging the oil glands. Avoid scrubbing as scrubbing will aggravate the problem of skin inflammation.Physical exercise produces sweat and sweat tends to clog the pores that lead to skin aberrations. Cleaning the face of sweat right after you complete your physical activities will prevent the sweat from clogging the pores.


Like washing, moisturizing helps to keep the skin healthy and hydrated, preventing it from drying. To prevent further damping of the clogged glands, select a moisturizer that does not have an oil-base. Apply the moisturizer while the face is still damp.


Multivitamin supplement helps to rejuvenate the dead and damaged cells of the skin. Research shows that Vitamin D helps to avoid the inflammation of skin because of acne infection. Being easily absorbed by the body, this Vitamin is much more effective than the others.


Water is a natural anti-oxidant and works to flush out the toxins from the body. A daily intake of at least thirteen glasses of water will keep the hormones under control and prevent its fluctuation. This has an effect on reducing the occurrence of acne during menstruation.The above steps are the best available solutions for learning how to prevent menstrual acne.

Menstrual Acne



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