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Ladies, You Need To See This- If Your Nail Paint Changes Color When Dipped In Drink, Call For Help!

Undercover Nail Polish

Nail paints are nothing more than a fashion commodity, or at least this was the prime reason they were invented for. Though their evolution from glossy to matte to gel and nail art oriented features have impressed us to a great extent, had you ever thought that a nail polish could someday save your life

Read on to learn more about this interesting idea.

A group of four young men (college students to be precise) Tyler Confrey-Maloney, Ankesh Madan, Stephen Gray, and Tasso Von Windheim, decided to develop a nail paint that can detect date rape drugs like rookies.

Their aim is to empower women so that they can protect themselves from such nefarious men who do not blink an eyelid before peeping into a woman’s blouse.

The brains behind it.

The changing nail paint.

The changing nail paint.

Branded as Undercover Colors, this nail paint is a little peculiar. Unlike normal nail paints, this peculiar nail paint changes color when dipped in a certain kind of a drink.

How will it help?

How will it help?

This nail paint by Undercover Colors will help in detecting the date rape drugs when dipped in a drink that has been drugged. This will alert the woman of the intentions of men hanging out with her, and she can instantly escape or call 911 to report the matter.

You move your eyes off the drink for a second, and this is enough time for the culprits to spring into action and drop a drug in your glass. In a few minutes, you will be losing yourself to their evil plans while the miscreants enjoy your vulnerable state. This nail paint is an effort to pour water over any such quietly pervasive and heinous crimes by alerting women.

Their social media presence.

Undercover Colors are present on Facebook and Instagram. They keep their keen observers up to date with their progress on their company website as well as through their social media accounts


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