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Ladies, Helpful Fashion Hacks To Flatter Your Figure No Matter Your Shape

Try these fashion hacks to flatter your body:
1. Know what you’re working with
First off you need to know what body type you have. Then take note of what you consider to be your best assets. You’ll also need to be aware of any areas you wish to conceal. Remember darker colours help to hide flaws, while bright hues and prints draw the eye.

2. Stick to your size
The number one mistake women make when dressing is wearing clothing in the wrong size. Contrary to popular belief tight clothes maximise every lump and bump making you look larger. Clothing that’s too baggy will also make you look larger. Clothing in the right size will fit closely to your skin but allow you to move comfortably.

3. Start from the bottom
Wearing the right underwear can transform your figure. A correctly fitted bra will lift your bust and define your waistline too. In addition, you can also opt for shapewear to flaunt your curves and give your body a pain-free nip and tuck.

4. Define that waist
Highlighting your waist draws the eye to the smallest part of your figure – making you look slimmer. It also helps to showcase your hips and breasts, giving the illusion of an hourglass figure. A-line, peplum, wrap and belted styles are all good choices to define your waist.

5. Go for larger accessories
Take a tip from Tinseltown and use an oversized handbag to minimise a less than perfect midsection. You can go for higher heels to add some length to your body which will make you look slimmer, while opting for statement jewellery will help your highlight your face or cleavage.

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