Ladies, if Your Guy Does These Things Regularly You Should Consider Running

Somehow, along the line, it looks as if your man can’t manage to do right anymore. You should consider getting out.

You should not be too comfortable to notice the little bad changes in your partner.

Often times, these negative changes are inspired by factors that have nothing to do with you, and no matter what you do, it won’t stop the rot.

So, keep your eyes open to notice these changes and act appropriately- this might mean leaving them, TBH.

He takes you for granted

He takes you and your gestures for granted. He knows you are a good person and will surely be there for him.

So he takes this for granted, and makes no effort to repay the favour. He might even ignore to say thank you sometimes.

He has no time for you (Viewngr)

No time for you

He’s too busy to have time for you, but always has time for his friends and Twitter and Facebook.

He doesn’t even answer your calls or texts as quickly as he used to, even if he isn’t at work.

He’s emotionally closed off

He says he likes living in the present, but still makes future plans about everything else but the relationship.

There’s your cue to start considering getting out, sis.

He’s irresponsible

Even if the fault is his, he refuses to take responsibility and instead finds a way to pin it on you.

He does not really care about how you feel anymore. (Hercampus)

Too many secrets

There are the folders on his phone that cannot be accessed even if you manage to unlock his phone.

There are those [female] friends and exes he still speaks with but refuses to introduce you to.

He’s interested in sex, and not much more

He always wants to feel what you’ve got under the dress. No small talk or discussions.

He might even be irritated if you suggest being together minus the sex and touching.

Consider your options well. You might need to get out of that relationship (hercampus)

It’s always about him

He’s never really interested in what you have to say or share, and always finds a way to cut the conversation or switch the subject when you talk about yourself.

The conversations often revolve around him and his troubles.

He’s abusive

Once he starts to become physically or verbally abusive with any form of repetition, it might be wise to get out of the relationship.

Never think twice about leaving them once they become verbally or physically abusive. (Hermag)

He doesn’t apologize

He values his ego way more than how you feel.

He rarely apologises and when he does, he doesn’t offer sincere apologies – only some silly incoherent mumblings, or placing the blame of his error on something else.

He’s selfish

He forgets your special days, but sulks and whines if you forget any of his. Dates are always only to his convenience and doesn’t go out of his way to please you ever.

If on top of all these things he still finds a way to lie repeatedly,disrespect you and act overly and stupidly jealous and insecure, then you really need to start considering breaking up that relationship, or have a long extensive conversation about how you’d love to be treated.

I’m afraid he might not really be keen to listen to you or change his ways, though.

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