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For Ladies: 7 V@ginal Hack You To Follow in 2017 (Must Read)

a lady covering her vagina

Vag!nals are a whole system down there that have to go through periods, sex and urine transmission and since a lot goes on down there, there is a need to be extra careful about it.

From periods hygiene to shaving, here are some life-saving hacks that you should keep in mind for a healthy and happy vag!na. These hacks will keep you away from infections too!

1. Don’t panic about the vag!nal discharge: It is normal to have a vaginal discharge, it is it’s own cycle of keeping itself healthy and getting rid of bacteria. The only time you should worry is when is doesn’t look like normal.

2. Don’t Douch: It has a self-cleaning mechanism wherein it doesn’t need special extra effort to clean it, however you may take care of it by gently washing it with warm water and soap that too, a very mild one.

3. Go commando: This is an advice that I have always been giving. It will let your vag!na breathe and won’t let any moisture trap in there.

4. Use App to track your period: There are so many apps available to track your periods, it will help you to be prepared for your next period.

5. Trim and moisturize before you shave : Yes! If you are opting for shaving your vag!nal area, remember it is very soft and sensitive, trim the hair out there first and moisturize it with coconut oil. After shaving, use only cotton undies for a few days.You might also want to know Why shaving your vagina or pubic hair is NOT a good idea.

6. When you poop don’t wipe your butt from back to front: While wiping your butt remember not to wipe it from back to front, to prevent transfer of bacteria.

7. Don’t wear panty-liner: when you’re not in your period don’t use panty-liners to soak in vag!nal discharge it will only build moisture and will be a perfect breeding ground for bacteria and rashes.


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