Ladies, Here Are 7 Texts No Man Can Resist Responding To

Nobody likes a boring chatter.

However, sometimes you really don’t have any conversation starters, or maybe the chat is going dry and you just don’t know how to save it.

Here are 7 texts that will guarantee a response back from any guy: 

1. Send him a hilarious and relatable meme.

It should be capable of starting a conversation while getting a few laughs in there.




2. If you want to meet up with him, be assertive with your text.

Suggest, don’t ask. For example, ‘You and I are going to hav a movie night at my place, be there’This shows confidence.

3. Tease him a bit.

This may intrigue him, he won’t be sure if you’re dropping hints or just being nice.

4. Stroke his ego a little.

Ladies love compliments and so do men, so tell him something that will make him blush.

5. Be sexy, but not too out there either.

For example, “Just taking a bath…going to head out later”. This plants an image in his head without being too forward

6. Show him you’ve got standards.

If he likes you, he’ll respect you for it. If not, he’s not worth it. For example, ‘I don’t want to move fast. But I’d be happy to go on a date with you sometime this week’.

7. Don’t try be funny, but fun to talk to.

Send him a link to an article you think would be a great conversation starter. Instead of emojis send gifs to show how you’re feeling.



Written by How South Africa

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