For Ladies: 5 Relationship Advice You Should Never Listen To (Must Read)




1. THE SOLUTION TO GETTING OVER SOMEONE IS TO GET SOMEONE NEW: Nope. You’ll just land yourself in rebound hell. The problem with getting right on someone else is that you don’t have the time or opportunity to process your feelings after the breakup. Pain doesn’t disappear when you ignore it, it loops back around with a vengeance later. Without time for reflection, you’re liable to make the same mistakes into your next relationship.


2. WAIT MONTHS BEFORE HAVING S3X: Completely withholding sex for months artificially to “see if he’s really into you” is also a problem. You run a high risk of having him see you as a manipulative tease. When is a good time to have sex? Women should have sex with a man when it feels right and they truly want to.


3. IF YOU DON’T FEEL A CONNECTION RIGHT AWAY DON’T GO FOR DATE TWO: Attraction is a funny thing. Never write off a man right away who you aren’t immediately attracted to. Lots of women did not feel an immediate spark with a certain man but ended up blissfully in love with him a short time later. Now, if you’re downright repulsed by anyone, don’t stick around, but if you’re simply “not sure,” give him the opportunity to court you and see what happens between you.


4. PLAYING HARD TO GET: I’m sure you’ve heard this one. Be super unavailable. He will love it when you don’t return his calls. He will be driven to pursue you harder. Not so fast. Acting uninterested is not the key to success with men. Given the opportunity, guys would rather date women who show interest in them. However, there is a huge, life-changing difference between “responding enthusiastically to a man’s suggestion of a date” and “hanging on his every word.” Men like it when you have a full life with your own hobbies, activities and interests. They don’t like it when you turn THEM into your sole source of entertainment.


5. TRUE LOVE CONQUERS ALL: This idea is downright damaging because it can lead people to rationalize awful behavior by themselves or their mate. Believing that love is unconditional and things will work if we just love someone can make us blind to the cold, hard realities of life. The truth is that every love relationship is not destined to survive everything that life throws at it. Relationships are delicate things. There are things that can’t be taken back and people we may love completely who are bad for us. People are flawed and make bad decisions. Love is not exempt from self sabotage, bad choices and general mishandling.


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