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KZN Matriculant, Asad Ameer, With 9 Distinctions Gives Advice to Class of 2019

A top achieving KwaZulu-Natal matriculant has advised the class of 2019 to stay disciplined, but also to make time for relaxation.

Seventeen-year-old Crawford College La Lucia pupil Asad Ameer said he was delighted after being selected as “outstanding”.

“It is a real privilege to do this well. I am elated because the matric year plays a big role in your future career.”

He managed nine distinctions, with a 94% average, to emerge as the top achiever in his school.

The teenager, who hopes to study medicine at the University of Cape Town said his greatest asset was the support of his parents.

“They have been so incredible. If I ever needed anything, they would jump to my aid.”

Bigger picture

He said that “keeping an eye on the bigger picture” helped him maintain focus.

“I was very goal orientated and knew the importance of staying level-headed during the year.”

Ameer said he had maintained a fairly relaxed schedule for his studies.

“I would get a nice early start in the mornings. I also made time for relaxation. A relaxed mind is key. Tried to prioritize school work always. Social gatherings were kept at the minimum.”

He advised 2019’s matriculants to prioritize.

“Everyone has their own unique social aspect of life. I didn’t socialize that much and it worked for me. I would say studies come first.”

Meditation and prayer

Ameer said what calmed him the most was prayer.

“I always believe in seeking the guidance of the creator. Meditation aspect, associated with prayer, also helped maintain calm. I also professionally go-cart. It really helped me take out frustration and stress.”

He urged future matriculants to design a study pattern.

“It is something that will help achieve their full potential. Everyone unique in the way they work. Don’t listen to what people say you should do. It may help them, but not you.”


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