Krugersdorp killers: Man Who Turned State Witness to Be Cross-Examined

A man who turned State witness in the case of the so-called Krugersdorp killers is expected to be cross-examined when the trial enters its third day in the South Gauteng High Court in Johannesburg on Thursday.

On Wednesday, Le Roux Steyn testified that Cecilia Steyn’s pursuit for revenge turned into an organised crime syndicate.

Steyn, Zak Valentine, 33, and Marcel Steyn, 20, have pleaded not guilty to 32 counts, including murder, robbery with aggravating circumstances, fraud and intimidation.

They were part of the so-called Krugersdorp killers, also dubbed the Electus Per Deus (Chosen by God) ministry. The Krugersdorp killers were a group of five people who committed a string of crimes around Krugersdorp from 2012 to 2016.

The court previously heard that Cecilia had a fallout with Overcomers Through Christ (OTC) leader Ria Grunewald and as a result, she formed her own ministry, Chosen by God. The ministry’s main purpose was to avenge Grunewald.

On Wednesday, Le Roux testified that Cecilia was bent on revenge against Grunewald after they had a fallout, but this elevated into an organised crime syndicate in pursuit of funds for the Electus Per Deus ministry.

According to the witness, Cecilia manipulated the group into staging several attacks on the OTC ministry and killing anyone who was close to Grunewald from 2012.

Marcel and a John Barnard would allegedly always verify the PINs at the nearest ATM, while Valentine, Marinda Steyn and Le Roux carried out the killings and then disposed of the bodies and evidence, the court heard.

Le Roux turned State witness after entering into a plea bargain with the State in May.

The witness’ mother, former teacher Marinda, was sentenced to 11 life terms and 115 years imprisonment, according to our previous report


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