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‘Krugersdorp killer’ Marinda Steyn Recounts Her First Murder as ‘Exciting’ and an ‘Adrenaline Rush’

The court adjourns for lunch.

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Marinda Steyn’s questions comes to an end.

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“I have peace that I have done the right thing and confessed and that God has forgiven me,” says Marinda.

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“It was never my intention to cause harm to so many people,” Marinda says.

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“I wanted to apologise for the harm that I caused them,” says Marinda Steyn.


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Adv Roberts says Marinda is prepared to take the fall for Cecilia because she has already been sentenced to life in prison. Marinda denies this.

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Marinda recounts the killing of Mikeila, Zak’s wife, and how she hit her on the head with an average hammer that you buy at a hardware store, and stabbed her until she stopped breathing.

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November 2015: Krugersdorp couple Peter (51) and Joan Meyer (47), are found stabbed to death in their lounge in Noordheuwel‚ Krugersdorp.

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Marinda recounts the murders of Peter (51) and Joan Meyer (47).

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Marinda says every time she would stab or commit a murder, she would get rid of the knife and go to the shop to buy another cheap knife.

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Marinda says that Zak had financial problems and that is why they decided to rob their victims.

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Marinda Steyn’s questioning continues

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The court adjourns for a short break.

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Marinda says she saw no evidence of the “evil thing” that they were praying against. She did not believe in this.

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Marinda describes a spiritual session that took place on Cecilia, with prayer. But it was not a satanic ritual.

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Marinda says Munchausen by Proxy applies to Cecilia. A mental illness in which a person fakes an illness or symptoms to make it appear that someone is sick.

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Marinda also claims there were no spiritual rituals taking place.

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Marinda denies that satanism played a part in the fact that Cecilia had certain boundaries.

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According to Marinda, Cecilia does not have any supernatural powers or boundaries. Boundaries referred to here is that Cecilia had a certain distance she could go from the house before she had breathing problems.

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Marinda says she trusted Cecilia with her whole life, made her the beneficiary and gave her the power of attorney should something happen to her.

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Marinda reads out a letter in court, an apology letter so to speak.

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October 2012: Valentine’s wife, Mikeila (25) is found stabbed to death in her bedroom at the couple’s townhouse in Ruimsig on the West Rand, reportedly for not supporting her husband and friends in their alleged murder plot.

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August 2012: Pastor Reginald Bendixen (75) is stabbed and hacked to death with an axe in Honeydew.

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Marinda describes the initial murders as an adrenaline rush, exciting at the time.

July 2012: Church member Natacha Burger (33) and her neighbour Joyce Bonzaaier (68) are stabbed to death in Centurion.

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Adv Roberts now moves to the initials murders in 2012, where Marinda disagrees that the murders were satanic.

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Marinda testifies that Marcel was challenged by Le Roux Steyn to withdraw money from the bank cards.

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Adv Roberts takes Marinda through photographic evidence in court.

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Marinda says she did not plan on killing, and if the victims cooperated, they “would be left somewhere”.

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Marinda says she needed money for Zak, and that is why the victims were targeted.

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The victims needed to be in a position that is favourable, Marinda says.

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May 2016: The body of Anthony Scholefield (64), an insurance broker from Krugersdorp, is found in the boot of his car in the town. Several days later, the body of Kevin McAlpine (29), another insurance broker from Krugersdorp, is also found in the boot of his car in the town. On 31 May, estate agent Hanle Lategan’s (52) body is found next to a stream in Randfontein.

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Adv Roberts moves on to the three last murders that were committed in 2016.

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Cremating the body was never part of the plan, says Marinda.

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Marinda refers to Cecilia Steyn as her sister even though they are not biological sisters.

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December 2015: The body of Jarrod Jackson (44), a street vendor, is found in a car wreck in the small town of Petrus Steyn in the Free State.

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Adv Roberts recounts the witness testimony to which Marinda says is “a far-fetched lie”.

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State prosecutor, Advocate Gerrit Roberts, questions Marinda Steyn about the killing of Jarrod Jackson.

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Krugersdorp killings: Court hears that child-like voices emerged from ‘possessed’ accused

A convicted murderer has refused to co-operate with instructions from a High Court judge, who asked her to reveal the names of the “children” who spoke through a possessed Cecilia Steyn – one of the alleged Krugersdorp killers.

Marinda Steyn was being cross-examined before Judge Jacob Francis in the South Gauteng High Court in Johannesburg.

She said Cecilia Steyn had “little ones” that came out of her mouth.


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