All You Should Know About Livestock Farming In South Africa

Dairy farming contributes to the South African economy and creates jobs. There are numerous regions which are suited to dairy farming. The Kwa-Zulu Natal Midlands as well as the Western Cape are both suitable locations for dairy cows.


As livestock makes up the biggest part of South Africa’s agriculture, finding cattle for sale is a good business choice. Stock breeders focus on livestock that thrives under local conditions. If you want to find livestock for sale, here is more information to get you started.




Holstein and Jersey cows are both great options if you want to become a dairy farmer. Another reason to find cows for sale is for beef farming. Beef farming makes a large contribution to the local agricultural industry.


South Africa produces the majority of its own meat with only a small amount of meat being imported. The Eastern Cape and Limpopo both have areas that are suitable for beef farming. Hereford cattle and Brahman cattle are both suitable if you want to start beef farming. Angus cattle are another option.


Sheep and goat farming take place in the Free State as well as Mpumalanga. Ermelo is an area which is renowned for its wool production. With a wide variety of game in South Africa, it is the ideal location for game farming.


Different Breeds of Cows for sale

If you are looking for livestock for sale, you will need to know which breed is best suited to your requirements. An important step is to decide what type of farming you want to do. The best dairy cows differ from the best beef cattle.


Bonsmara Cattle

Bonsmara cattle are bred for fertility and milk production. They offer excellent growth and adaptability. Bonsmara is one of the leading breeds for beef in South Africa. These cattle for sale were first bred at a research station in 1937. Following well documented research, the breed was created to offer maximum profit for farmers. The Bonsmara SA society was set up in 1964. The number of registered cattle in this breed exceeds 130 000 in South Africa.


Hereford Cattle

Hereford cattle are best suited to areas which have a temperate climate. They are typically used for beef farming. This breed originates from Herefordshire in England and the breed can be found in more than 50 countries. These cattle breeds originate from the 1600s and the first bulls were brought to South Africa during 1890.


Brahman Cattle

Brahman cattle date back to 1924. The first Brahman cattle were introduced to local farmers in 1954. This breed of cattle for sale has made a major contribution to the local agricultural industry. Their distinctive looks make this breed stand out from other cattle. The breed is well-known for being able to adapt to different environments.


If you are looking for livestock for sale, there are plenty of different breeds to choose from. Make sure that you do enough research before purchasing livestock to ensure that your business is successful. Looking for cows for sale? Browse through Junk Mail’s Livestock Category today! Selling your cattle?



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