Khosi Nkosi Accused Of Plagiarising Designs

Nkosi is being accused of copying the work of a young South African designer, following the release of its spring/summer range

Melo Sabali Mosase owns a local clothing brand called Mobu By Melo, specialising in a range of African-printed clothing for women. They have reached out to the likes of Young Designers Emporium (YDE) in an attempt to have their products reach a wider range of customers.

However, YDE turned down her range of colourful dresses on the basis that the brand is not “young” and “sexy” enough for the retailer’s market.

So you can imagine Melo’s surprise when she noticed that one of Khosi Nkosi’s new dresses looked a lot like one of hers. She took to Instagram to slam both the brand and the retailer:

So I have been looking for retail platforms to stock the Seilatsatsi range by Mobu by Melo to make it accessible to the people, seeing that there was a need a for it after the response it got .Just this morning I recieved an email from YDE responding to my request to have my range in their store which is if you didn’t know YOUNG DESIGNERS EMPORIUM. YDE regretted to inform me that they will unfortunately not be able to stock my range, email reads as follows :: “Dear Mamello Thank you for sending us your application. We had a look at your range, The YDE customer is young,sexy and always looking for the latest fashion items.Your range does not resemble the latest trends and the product look and feel will not appeal to our market. We therefore decline your application. We hope you understand..” Now , you can imagine my shock when I realised just this morning that A designer,Khosi Nkosi, that has her range at YDE stole my designs and used the exact print!!!! This leaves me confused as I thought my range was not young,sexy and “on trend”,well atleast according to YDE. I am confused. There is clearly nothing wrong with my range as YDE could stock it after Khosi Nkosi stole my design, so is YDE insinuating that my models, and obviously my target client is not young,sexy and on trend??????? I need help. I also need answers. @_yde_ @khosinkosi

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Khosi Nkosi’s social media team took it upon themselves to defend their brand from the

accusations. In the comments section of the post, a Khosi Nkosi rep wrote:

“These accusations are so unfortunate. Our dress was available in stores on the 22 August in the same print with the design we used at Fashion Week… She posted her dress… in the same print on the 31 August. We have forwarded all the proof to the designer, with dates of when our dress was in store and she hasn’t come back to us as yet. Hoping this gets clarified soon because crying foul at the expense of another’s reputation isn’t good.”

Melo has gone so far as to accuse Khosi Nkosi of stealing designs from other designers without giving them due credit

YDE, meanwhile, has stood up for one of its leading brands, by revealing that these clothes were modeled a few weeks before Melo first posted her version on social media.

“Khosi Nkosi launched this style at the Mercedes Benz Fashion week 17 – 19 August of this year and by 23 August was already available in stores, whereas, from what we can ascertain, the first public presentation of your dress appeared on Instagram at the end of August (30th August).”

Despite these well-worded responses, people on social media are not convinced and have slammed the brand for allegedly stealing designs.

YDE and Khosi Nkosi have been challenged to show evidence that their designs came before Melo’s. If they can’t do this, it will be increasingly difficult to believe their side of the story.


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