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Khanyi Mbau’s Gets A Brand New Yellow Porsche As A Link To Her Past

Sassy Khanyi Mbau socialite splurges in her latest purchase on Instagram of a bright yellow Porsche Carrera.

In the early days, when Mbau was still living on other people’s money she famously owned a bright yellow Lamborghini. Now the bling queen is celebrating in her own right and reminiscing about how far she has come since that sportscar.

“The story of Porsche and I. For every stone thrown at me, I built a village. What you planned to be as a kid, find that place!” she said as she celebrated with a bottle of bubbly alongside her new R1,5-million purchase.

She also thanked her fans for staying loyal through thick and thin adding, “For the Mbau Nation that stood by me through every fall, chose yellow as a throwback to our power days a reminder of how far we have come!”




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