Khanyi And Tebogo: “Our Second Attempt Grew Us Even Further Apart” – Khanyi Mbau

Media personality Khanyi Mbau has joined a long list of celebrities, who have ended their romantic relationships during this pandemic.A year-and-a-half after getting back together, Khanyi Mbau has confirmed that she and long-time boyfriend Tebogo Lerole have again split.

Khanyi took to her Instagram page to announce their separation. Her caption to a picture of them together started with the words, “Guys we have been here before, certainly words I have uttered before..”

“A decade of dating someone comes with great joy and immense difficulty, that fighting to stay together is sometimes not enough. Some paths are meant to cross and certain season to pass. Tebogo Edward billion has chosen to take a different path and have chosen to respect it and let him soar into greatness. And by this we are no longer an item [sic],” Khanyi posted.

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Khanyi and Tebogo temporarily split in early 2018 and Khanyi posted about their break-up on Instagram. However the split did not last for long as the couple found their way back into each other’s arms again.

Speaking to Move! about their decision to get back together Khanyi said, “We broke up alright, but we were comparatively civil to each other. Later on we decided to retrace our steps trying to find our sweet spot as both individuals and people in a relationship. Tebogo said, ‘Let’s fix it (their relationship). Let’s work through it. Don’t walk away, let’s go back to the drawing board’.”

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