How To Keep Your Natural Curls Intact

Cute Hairstyles For Natural African American Curly Hair Short Natural Curly Hairstyles Black Women This Style Is Using - Haircuts Black
Part of the growing hair process is letting it loose. As much as protective hairstyles help with keeping the hair intact, it’s also important to stay off them for a while and let your hair breathe. In that way, pores are free from being clogged and the scalp doesn’t crack.  For people with curly hair, maintenance can be a bit of a struggle but there are ways to keep your natural curls and still look glamourous. 
Here are 5 easy steps on how to keep your natural curls:
  • Shampoo and condition hair, using  Moisture Rich products
  •  Apply Volume & Lift Extra Body Mousse to damp hair
  •  Use a hairdryer and diffuser to dry the hair
  •  For extra volume dry the hair upside down
  •  Fling hair back and part hair as desired

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