Katleho Sinivasan Opens Up On Women Health Magazine

Katleho Sinivasan, Reporters sat  down with women health magazine to give us some juicy details about his personal life.

Katleho gave us some insight into his personal life from his romantic side to singing in the shower.

Here is the full interview.

WH:Whats the most romantic thing you have ever done?

Katleho:I am a romantic guy.I do alot of romantic things and i think most romantic things are the smallest things,like breakfast in bed and that sought of stuff.Just reminding people that you appreciate them is romantic as opposed to booking a five star hotel and everything.

WH:Do you kiss on your first date?

Katleho:Yeah,its all about chemistry,its all about feelings and id the date goes well we can do alot…(laughs)

WH:What do you sleep in?

Katleho:Nothing.I sleep naked everyday of my life.There is a blanket for when its cold but i hate sleeping in pyjamas and stuff like that so i sleep in nothing.

WH:If you had a whole month free what would you do?

Katleho:I would go on a cruise .Its something i’ve really been thinking about.I want to see countries whose names i don’t even know how to pronounce,go to places i have never heard of.

WH:Do you ever sing in the shower?

Katleho:I sing everywhere.Its not even a secret talent,its my lifes talent.I dont just sing i perform,and not just in the shower ,in the car.I sing alot of Drake.


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