Kanthan Pillay Apologises For Slandering Samkelo Maseko

In a statement on Thursday 19 December 2019, Pillay apologised for his underhanded actions towards Maseko. 

After two days of a social media uprising in protest of Pillay’s actions and in support of Maseko, he had no choice but to apologise. 

Kanthan Pillay’s apology 

Pillay expressed regret for his unruly tweets and the way he ushered Maseko out of the building, simply for resigning. Pillay, however, did not offer to resign after the controversy. 

“I hereby express my unreserved apology to all that were offended by my irresponsible and ill-conceived statement on Twitter, posted on Tuesday,” he said.

Pillay, among other things, called journalist Samkelo Maseko a “rat” heading to the “sinking ship” of the SABC after he resigned from eNCA amid controversy about the organisation withdrawing from covering an EFF elective conference.

Pillay tweeted on Tuesday 17 December about “rats swimming toward a sinking ship #EarlyXmasGift”, which prompted Maseko to lambaste him and reveal the alleged circumstances under which he left eNCA.

“I regret further and apologise unreservedly for the offence caused to all and specifically to Mr Maseko, the SABC and the management of eMedia; the action I took in haste and without thinking, which now places my Employer, my Colleagues, my Family and my Friends in a most embarrassing position.”

Kanthan Pillay

“My actions were irresponsible and unbecoming of a senior manager in any newsroom. The statement I made is unacceptable and rightfully rebuked by all concerned.

“In the next few days the matter will be further discussed and investigated, and, whatever the outcome, will be binding on me. I regret having been drawn into a Twitter war and I ask for your understanding with the knowledge that I am deeply remorseful of my actions.”

Kanthan Pillay

Maseko gets the boot for resigning 

Maseko hit with the comeback of how he was thrown out of eNCA like a dog for resigning. 

“Do you want me to speak about how you threw me out of the eNCA building like a dog who had stolen something? How you came to my desk and said I should pack my shit and follow you to HR? You are heartless and unethical by denying some a chance to serve a notice period.

Samkelo Maseko

“The disrespect you have for an African black child is appalling, you have no sense of appreciation – none whatsoever. We are not here to play politics and settle political scores with the EFF like you are doing. Busy sensoring political talk and instructing things to be taken off air. Grow up and stop being bitter.”

Samkelo Maseko

Pillay has deleted his Twitter account after more of his ex-employees shared Maseko’s stinging criticism on Twitter


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