#JusticeForMhleli: Family Wants Justice For Slain UCT Student

Calls for arrests in connection to the death of 19-year-old UCT humanities student Mhleli Mbatha are gaining momentum on Twitter.

Mhleli was killed in an apparent robbery on Saturday, while at Cape Town’s Clifton 3rd beach with friends.

His father, Linda Mbatha said that the family was devastated.

He said this during a trip to Cape Town to make arrangements to get his son’s body home to Dundee, in KwaZulu-Natal, for a burial on Saturday. 

A petition calling for SAPS to move swiftly is circulating on social media platforms. So far it has received 903 signatures. 

Twitter users are also voicing their fears and frustrations, using #JusticeForMhleli. 

Sthembiso TTV Ngwekazi@sthembiisso

Being alive has become the most depressing and worrying chore to do. What a young and promising life man, my heart aches nje. I wish you my dear friend @SibusisoKinat and your family peace and closure and that the perpetrator of this crime be brought to justice #JUSTICEFORMHLELI

Chief Erican@EricanSA

Somebody should declare state of emergency at our universities. Students are brutally been murdered left and right in and outside campuses. Mhleli’ was brutally murdered on a casual trip to the beach. The crime in Cape Town is insane. #JUSTICEFORMHLELI


#JUSTICEFORMHLELI I don’t understand how we’re supposed live in fear DAILY. How the FUCK are we supposed breath?? Ungafike usuke kini uthi uzofunda bese uyafa and nothing is done about it? How does one get to live after taking another’s life?

Aah!! Jola @CirocDavid

government is doing nothing while our people are dying #JUSTICEFORMHLELI


Please help us bring justice for our lost friend, MHLELI Cebo MBATHA who was stabbed to death in Cape Town, on Saturday, by signing the petition for his justice and tagging all South African public figures to do the same and spread the word of #JUSTICEFORMHELI#JUSTICEFORMHLELI



It pains me that another soul has been taking away and the system isn’t doing anything about it.#JUSTICEFORMHLELI

queen of spice.@paleeh_r

The world needs to end now because humans are so sick. Imagine being STABBED to death whilst chilling on the beach???? #JUSTICEFORMHLELI



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