Jungle Justice: Suspected Raper Castrated In Johannesburg

A gruesome crime unfolded in Johannesburg over the long weekend, as a vigilante mob took the law into their own hands in the most violent way imaginable. A man suspected of being involved in the act on Saturday, was castrated before being killed by irate community members.

How the Ivory Park castration happened

The incident took place in Ivory Park, at an informal settlement. It is understood two girls were walking home when a group of three men accosted them, brandishing knives and firearms before committing their heinous crime. It was understood that the molestation happened “repeatedly”.

However, when they were spotted by an eyewitness, several angered Ivory Park residents immediately stormed towards the scene and gave chase to the rapers. Two escaped, but one unfortunate suspect ended up on the wrong end of some gratuitously rough justice.

Mob rule prevails in Johannesburg

The victims of the rape were aged 14 and 18 respectively. That’s according to Gauteng police spokesperson Colonel Lungelo Dlamini, who confirmed the attack had taken place on Sunday. SAPS aren’t exactly best-pleased with the way locals decided to handle the situation and have issued a warning for all South Africans to avoid taking part in vigilanteism.

Meanwhile, we’ve had it confirmed that the local authorities have since opened up two separate cases on the matter. As well as the initial r!pe incident, a murder investigation will also take place.

Ivory Park is a region just outside of Tembisa, Gauteng. Around 200 000 people live there, and the Lindokuhle settlement is a densely-populated area. The community is a tight-knit one, and as we’ve seen here, they will go to extreme lengths to protect their members.


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