Julius Malema’s Statement Poses Danger

Julius Malema
Julius Malema

The Council for the Advancement of South African Constitution (Casac) on Tuesday urged the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) to “retract its dangerous condemnation” of the Electoral Commission (IEC).

The group described Julius Malema’s statements that the IEC had rigged previous polls‚ made at the weekend launch of the party’s election manifesto‚ as “unwarranted and reckless”.

“…Malema’s remarks that the IEC ‘stole our votes in Alexandra and we allowed you’ is unsubstantiated and has the capacity to undermine the impartiality and effectiveness of the IEC‚ as the critical local government elections loom”‚ Casac said.

“The IEC is an independent institution established under Chapter Nine of the Constitution charged with managing elections in a free and fair manner.

“It is ironic that the EFF has chosen to attack the IEC in this manner so soon after going to great lengths to safeguard the independence‚ power and authority of another Chapter Nine body‚ the Public Protector.

“The Constitutional Court judgment in the Nkandla matter was a strong vindication of the importance of these independent constitutional bodies in our system of governance.”

Casac appeared to criticise the EFF for not taking the “opportunity to raise any concerns about the functioning of the IEC in the party liaison structures that exist within the elections body”.

It also noted that the EFF has “recourse to the Electoral Court”‚ which was “specifically established to deal with such matters”.

“Such incendiary comments may encourage a confrontational and violent approach towards the IEC and its staff by supporters of the EFF‚” Casac said.

“We have recently seen IEC voter registration centres being disrupted and vandalised in violation of section 181(4) of the Constitution which prohibits ‘interference with the functioning’ of the IEC.”

source: Herald Live


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