Julius Malema On Anele Hoyana’s Murder: ‘Black Child, You’re On Your Own’

EFF leader Julius Malema has reacted to the gruesome videos of farm owner Fritz Joubert murdering his sangoma trainer Anele Hoyana and terrorising his wife and young children.

The videos, which shocked the country on Monday, were shot during a “cleansing ceremony”.

In one of them, Joubert, in a Springbok jersey, can be heard spewing racial slurs and seen grabbing Hoyana’s two children.

He also swears and shows the middle finger.

It was reported that police were called to the property, where one of the officers shot Joubert dead in self-defence, before rescuing the Hoyanas.

Taking to Twitter, Malema mocked the idea that SA was united.

He and his party denounced the Springbok’s Rugby World Cup (RWC) victory in Japan last month, saying it was “fake unity” and “a symbol of the historic deprivation of black people”.

The EFF issued a statement, saying the image of Hoyana kneeling on the instructions of Joubert “represents all black people in our country”.

“From the president to the humblest of us, we live on our knees, begging our existence from the racist white domination machinery.

“The black government is like Hoyana, carrying the entire black race on its arms, kneeling each day, begging for jobs, land, water, education, sports, bread, shelter from whites. In exchange, black people receive violence, humiliation, dehumanisation and death.”

The EFF expressed condolences to the Hoyana family, saying he “found his fate in the hands of a white racist 25 years after democracy”. 

“In front of his children and wife, a white racist farmer humiliated him to death.

“In his memory, we must end anti-black racism and the starting point to such a future is the return of the land to black people,” said the EFF.

[Must Read] EFF Statement on the Brutal and Racist Murder of #AneleHoyana by a White Farmer, Fritz Joubert in East London

It’s over two days since #AneleHoyana was murdered. Still, our media (@SABCNewsOnline, @eNCA,@Newzroom405) is silent. Those who report downplay the brutality


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